Friday, September 13, 2013

Free Calendar Offer

If you buy a calendar from one of those kiosks at the mall, or from your local office supply store, or even from a plaid suited door to door calendar salesman it’s a pretty safe bet that you’ll be able to start using your new calendar right away, or at least very soon. But if instead of acquiring your calendar the tried and true old fashioned way you dare to print up your next calendar from one of those new-fangled printable calendar websites, well let me warn you right here and now that that might not be the case.

“Why?” you may ask, “might that not be the case?”
“What?” you may ponder, “could possibly keep me from using my shiny new calendar festooned with improbably posed adorable kittens (or similarly posed scantily clad women) in a timely manner?”
Well, to cut to the chase as they say, I’ll tell you about my experience, and explain exactly why I’m typing this warning (and free calendar offer) instead of circling birthdates and putting stars on anniversaries on my new calendar from The reason I’m not drawing circles and stars is because the stupid 3 key on my computer is right next to the darn 2 key! …Wait, I hate to interrupt here right in the middle of cutting to the chase, but thank goodness they didn’t make that same mistake with the letter keys. Can you imagine all the things that could go wrong if the A key was right next to the B key?!  But I digress.
Because the stupid 3 key on my computer is right next to the darn 2 key, I’m now sitting here with a 3013 calendar on my desk. Yes, you read that right “3013,” and considering my age I’m probably not going to need it.  Even if I do, a millennium from now I won’t be able to remember where the hell I put it, and extending my file system out that far just doesn’t seem very practical, or affordable (even with my Staples discount card) so if anyone wants this thing, it’s yours… FREE!
On the other hand, you could just print one up yourself. But be careful not to mix up the 2 and the 3 key, or you’ll just end up with another 2013 calendar that you probably have no use for!!
Oh look! ...missing 3013 won’t be such a big deal anyway. My birthday falls on a Monday.

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Pam Beers. said...

Have you ever tried going to the Dollar Store in September for the 2014 calendar? Yup $1.00 for a brand new faux leather 2014 calendar.