Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Walmart Doesn't Love You (and Exxon doesn't either)

I haven’t warned America about corporate evil-doers in a while, so here goes for old time’s sake:
WARNING: Until further notice Representative Government in The United States has been suspended! Our eminent (i.e. eminently stupid) Supreme Court has effectively (if not officially) granted corporations the power to pick and choose our leaders for us, and dictate what laws they pass, thus accomplishing what Benito Mussolini (“Booo, hissss, booo!”) failed to do seven decades ago… bring fascism to America.
ENTER TOM: (“Yeah Tom!!”) Thomas Jefferson was wary of the Supreme Court for a reason. He warned us long ago that the Supreme Court’s power must be curbed or it would overrun the other branches of government. Jefferson argued that the Court’s independence from the will of the people would eventually upset the checks and balances established by the Constitution, and I now present to you exhibit A.) the recent Citizens United decision as proof that Mr. Jefferson was absolutely right… But Mr. Jefferson is way too dead to help us now, so EXIT TOM.
ENTER AL: (“Al who? Oh, that Al,” …polite, yet unenthusiastic applause.) Al Gore (like him or not) was also absolutely right when he said in his new book The Future, that Congress “is now incapable of passing laws without permission from the corporate lobbies and other special interests that control their campaign finances.” The Als, Gore and Franken, along with Robert Reich, Bernie Sanders, and other hefty lefties are sounding the alarm (and by hefty I don’t mean fat, with the possible exception of one of the Als. I mean important and imposing, like Robert Reich) and we need to tune into their message before it’s too late! Unfortunately however, those who control most of our media are doing their best to mute this information, and distract us with their own brand of pseudo news and propaganda, as they continue to build unprecedented wealth, and consolidate their power.
MY WARNING CONTINUED: (“Is he almost done mom?” “Yes, I think he’s almost finished dear…  Here, have a lifesaver.”)  Ahem! …We can fall for their propaganda and continue to arm ourselves against every other nation on the planet, especially those damn commies, and we can pretend that Muslim terrorists are the threat of the future, but the greatest threat to our American way of life is not foreign. It is domestic! We created it, and we feed it, and only we can kill it… but not if it keeps us divided and ignorant, and that IS the strategy of corporate America… to keep us divided and ignorant, and they're doing a bang up job. As I suggested above, the Citizens United Decision, if we let it stand will be looked back on as the birth of fascism in America. Okay, run along now and save your country while there’s still time.