Thursday, March 22, 2012

End of Days

A friend reminded me today that the end is near, so I thought I'd better write this poem while I still have time:

The ends of days is almost here
I heard it from a Mayan
Their calendar makes it quite clear
That soon we’ll all be dyin’

Long ago they carved it down
In stone with ancient tools
That December 21st this year
Is Mayan April Fools!

When it comes to someone with enough patience to pull off a good practical joke, ya can’t beat a Mayan!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Library of the Mind

So many dusty memories
Rest on such high shelves
That my stooping brain
Can no longer reach them.

And there are low ones too.
I just can’t seem to bend down
Far enough to grasp them
As easily as I once could.

But some volumes remain
With dog-eared pages
Right here in the middle
That I can still reach with ease.

And so I will tell you
The same old stories
Over and over again
Until my library closes.