Friday, July 24, 2015

My Best Pet Yet

Note: This was written for a poetry prompt. The prompt was "What pet should I get," written in 20 lines or less.

What Pet should I get, or should I get two?
Should I get a duet, or will one creature do?
And where should I keep it, here under my bed?
And if it won’t fit, then my closet instead?
Should it be furry, or covered in scales?
Something that scurries, or has a long tail?
Something that swims, or something that purrs?
And what should I name him, or should I name her?

And where should I look for this new pet of mine?
Should I look in a book, or go shopping online?
Should I look in a guide? Should I look high and low?
Well when I decide, I will let you all know.

Well it’s time to report that I got my new pet!
I named him Mort. He’s my finest  pet yet!
I just went in the yard, and I climbed up a tree.
It wasn’t that hard. I just caught me a bee,
in a little glass jar, with some holes in the lid,
and it may seem bizarre, but here’s what I did.
I gave him his name, “Morton J. Bee”,
then I opened the lid, and I let him go free.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

WARNING: Iceberg ahead

Some people say, America today is a lot like the Titanic was in 1912, heading straight for an iceberg; and they may not be too far off. But blaming people on food stamps, Medicare, welfare, etc. for our current mess and dangerous trajectory makes about as much sense as blaming the poor people who perished on the lower decks of the Titanic for that disaster. No, those poor immigrants searching for a better life at the dawn of the last century didn’t steer the ship “full steam ahead” into catastrophe, and neither are today’s immigrants, working poor people, or those receiving needed government assistance steering America “full steam ahead” into the looming shadow of her iceberg.

No, the poor are not the reason we’re in this mess. The two men taking turns at the ship’s wheel are David and Bill Koch. They’re the ones taking us on this rich man’s joy ride. “Too big to fail” is the new “Unsinkable”, and in their arrogance they actually believe it’s true. But why wouldn’t they? We bailed them out when they capsized the last ship with almost no protest. We handed them the wheel long ago by allowing gerrymandering to fix our course, and the Citizens United decision gave them all the coal they need to power the engines “full steam ahead!” Meanwhile money-drunk CEO’s and their Wall Street cronies are partying on the deck, unconcerned about the collision that lies ahead.

And why should they worry? America’s iceberg is still several fiscal cycles away. They have plenty of time to cash in and get off the ship. Then what? Democracy and the poor slobs working to power this nation sink to the bottom. So What? What’s it to them?

Of course we could do something about it… Yes, you and me, and the other 99% of this country. We could stop fighting each other, and stop blaming the blameless long enough to veer this nation away from oligarchy, and back toward representative democracy. We may not be allowed up on the deck with the luxury passengers, but if we all stick an oar in the water from down here, we can turn this thing. My oar’s in the water. How about you? I’m making another small donation to the Bernie Sanders for President campaign today. And when I can afford to I’ll do it again. You may choose another candidate, but I encourage you to hear Bernie out before making a final decision.

Note: A lot of the web sites selling Bernie Sanders merchandise are NOT a part of the campaign, and are simply profiteering off of Bernie’s growing momentum. And many of the “Bernie Sanders for President” web ads you’re likely to see are actually collecting donations for “Act Blue” which is a legitimate site, and they do a great job as a PAC collecting and effectively spending money on behalf of Democratic candidates, but to contribute DIRECTLY to the Bernie Sanders campaign go to …As good as Act Blue may be, Bernie doesn’t need a middleman. Besides, PACs are a part of the problem we're trying to fix.

Well, that’s all I’ve got to say for now. Enjoy the Republican clown show, but seriously, seriously study the candidates… their words, but most importantly their record. WARNING: Iceberg ahead if we don’t.