Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gun Violence and Finger Pointing

Yesterday’s tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School saddens all of us, and today’s bickering and finger pointing between liberals and conservatives should anger all of us. This should NOT be political. A post that I read on my facebook feed today said that liberals blame guns and conservatives blame criminals for gun violence. Well I guess that sums it up for a lot of folks, but if each side draws a line in the sand separating those two simplistic viewpoints we will never solve the problem. Instead of blaming just the guns, or just the criminals, why don’t we work on keeping the two apart… As far apart as possible.

Lock up criminals, and lock up guns when they’re not under the direct control of their legal owners... and for God's sake let's get a handle on the mental illness problem in this country. Also, we need to change our mindset about guns, especially among young people. A gun is just a tool. There is nothing inherently cool about one, so let’s stop glorifying them in video games and movies. Hey kid! It’s a gun damn it, not a superpower! Treat it with respect.