Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Morning

Sitting in a hot tub with a warm cup of coffee,
Looking across the lawn, and into the back woods,
Watching the creatures begin their daily routines,
Unaware that today is Sunday; a day to relax.
The donkeys turn their broad sides toward the East
To collect the gathering heat of the rising sun.
The goats chase each other around an old tree stump
Butting heads, and wagging their stub tails.
A pair of wood ducks venture down to the pond for a swim,
Scooping up a slug or bug or two along the way.
A lone squirrel darts behind them all, and scampers up a cedar tree.
Swallows swoop and hummingbirds dart, as robins toil at the ground,
All as busy as can be, as though it were already Monday.