Saturday, November 3, 2012

I know, I know, every time I say I’m gonna add my two cents worth, I spit out a buck and change, but I promise, if you'll indulge me for just another minute or two I'll shut up for awhile…

We are all being told by big money interest groups today that America is failing and that we should blame the Democrats; but if you look objectively and thoroughly at the facts, their claims begin to fall apart pretty quickly. America was at the brink of financial collapse when Barack Obama took office, and while our recovery has been slow, we ARE recovering, and we’re recovering from the very policies that the big money interest groups want to reinstate via the election of Mitt Romney. If you look at the broad scope of activities and actions that each branch of our government, and each political party has participated in over the past four years a clear picture will emerge of who is actually on the side of average American citizens, and who is on the side of billionaires and multinational corporations who have absolutely no allegiance to you or me, and very questionable allegiance to the United States.

Consider how The Supreme Court has changed the political landscape of America with the Citizens United decision, and imagine how they will change the social landscape of our nation if allowed to lean even further to the right in the next four years. That’s toothpaste that won’t be put back in the tube in our lifetime.

Also consider (especially if you’re a Republican) the actions of the Republican Party over the past four years. This is not your father’s Republican Party, or Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party. This is the Koch Brother’s Republican Party, directed by money and fueled by hatred for our first African American President, and don’t believe for a second that that hatred evolved over the past four years because Barack was somehow not up to the task. This ugly hatred for Barack Obama began on inauguration night as memberships in (and the total number of) white supremacist groups immediately began to swell across America. This hatred and hunger to topple our president began on day one when Paul Ryan and top Republican leaders met in Washington DC to plan the downfall of Barack Obama, vowing to make him a one term President before he had even moved into the Whitehouse.

The Republican Party, and the Supreme Court have not always been, and will not always be controlled by the Neocons, the Koch Brothers and the radical right, but right now THEY ARE, and while not all Republicans hate their President, and while most Republicans are not racists, nearly all racists are Republicans (and will be for as long as Barack is in office) so if you’re a moderate Republican or a Reagan Republican maybe it’s time to take your Republican Party back instead of blindly chanting along with them that you want to “take your country back!” In fact when the chanting begins, ask them “Back from what?” You’ll find that that’s a question most folks in the mob cannot articulate an answer to. But I can articulate what you need to take The Republican Party back from (if you must remain a Republican) and it will do your party, and your country good. But in the meantime you could follow Chris Christie’s lead and accept Barack’s leadership, even if you do not vote for him, or follow Colin Powell’s lead and cross party lines until sanity returns to the GOP.

Well, that’s my two cents worth.