Friday, June 15, 2012

Lowlife (a poem)

After catching up on the Sandusky trial and reading in the news today that Steven Powel will be out of jail in just 21 months, I had to write this:

To: Steven Powel
Cc: Jerry Sandusky

I’ve got to think a guy like this
Is the lowest of the low.
From where he sits I can’t imagine
Anything below.

So I asked God “Hey why do you
Let creeps like this keep livin’?
Aren’t there people even you
Would say aren’t worth forgivin’?”

And God told me “The paperwork
Has already been done.
Signed and notarized” he said
“The devil gets this one.”

And so I asked the devil “Hey,
What’s up? Are you reneging?”
And he said “No, this guy’s so low
That I’m still busy digging!”

And so you see now guys like this
Sandusky, Powell and others
Would have been dead long ago
If we’d all had our druthers.

But like I said up there on top
These guys are so damned low
That hell is not beneath them yet.
The devil told me so.